World College Scholars

World College is acting as a scholarship agent for and in support of exceptional
young individual, who are prepared to preserve Nature and connect our World.

Scholarships & Student Loans

Application Criteria:

→ You have completed your first higher education degree
→ You have applied for a secondary degree in a different country and language
→ You have been accepted and passed the language requirements of the university
→ You are prepared to dedicate a chapter of your thesis to nature and sustainability

If this applies to you, we are looking forward to receive your application.
Exceptional candidates will receive a World College Scholarship and / or
a flexible loan offer from World College or from one of our Partners.

Please send your application to:

attaching your curriculum vitae and an essay of max. 300 words
on your personal plans in the near future, including details on
the current state of your application. Thank you!

Next Application Deadline: 22.03.2020
for the academic year 2020/21 and
universities based in Germany only.


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