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World College aims at building a worldwide Network of people across ages, cultures and professions, who are dedicated to nature and lifelong learning.

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  contribute with a monthly donation of
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and their time and interest permitting, may organise local events related to nature, scholarships, study abroad, further education and sustainability, under full personal responsibilitiy.

World College Oxbridge

The idea of an informal "All Oxbridge Souls College" that unties all 4 Oxbridge Universities and as a Personal College for Staff, Porters, Technicians, Chefs, Visiting Scholars etc. was discussed for many years among international MCR Members in Oxford and Cambridge and increasingly so, among German Based Oxbridge Alumni since 2006.

This vision became real with the foundation of the foundation of World College Trust in 2013. We thank all involved for your Support & Criticism, Insights & Ideas. To honour the roots of the College all people with a real relationship to Oxford, Cambridge, Anglia Ruskin or Oxford Brookes Universities are awarden a:

      Honoroble Membership of
    World College Oxbridge

World College Oxbridge, Oxbridge Dining Club and Oxbridge Associates for Networking & Business Events its Crests and Colours are in public domain to be used for Events e.g. May Ball World College Oxbridge, Oxbridge Dining Club or Oxbridge Associates for Networking and Business Events orgonised by local Members under full personal responsibility.

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Oxbridge Associates plans to to Ox-Bridge the Gap between
International Alumni and local Business Associations

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